Two Experts Weigh In on Sizing Up Candidates

Simon Sinek and Adam Grant discuss the modern workplace, company culture, and millennial philosophy. Emerging trends show that millennials want to overhaul just about everything their fathers built, including rigid time clocks and stuffy offices.

The article that went over this conversation says,

“So how do you know if you’re at a forward-thinking employer? It all comes down to the culture, according to Sinek and Grant. And they had two tips for people to assess company culture before agreeing to step on board. Sinek suggested asking the interviewer if they loved working at the company. ‘I never used the word ‘like,” he advised. ‘I use the word ‘love.” He would then gauge the response: If it was tepid, he knew that the person trying to sell him on the company wasn’t even excited about working there, and he would steer clear.

Grant had a similar approach. He said he would ask an interviewer to tell a story about something that would only happen at that company. Stories are more useful than descriptions, Grant explains. ‘You don’t ask people to describe their culture, they’re going to say ‘Oh, these are our values,” he said. ‘That doesn’t tell you anything about what it’s like to work there.'”

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