Retaining New Employees

As the job market becomes increasingly more competitive, many employers are feeling the sting of losing new people, soon after hiring. It’s hard enough to get someone hired, losing a new hire can feel like salt in the wound. Now, not only did you lose a good hire, you also have to start ALL OVER. It’s frustrating and extremely difficult on morale for your other employees. To them, it could plant the seed that your company is not a great place to work.

But, there are a few things that you could be doing to make this happen, over and over again. Are your people unwelcoming? Is the workload overwhelming for a newbie? Did you spend time training them? Did you current team have some input before you made the hire?

This article from goes over some pitfalls and how to overcome them.

“A company without an onboarding strategy is always susceptible to high employee turnover. When someone starts out feeling excluded, it creates resentment from the get-go. It’s no wonder that forty-percent of new employees leave their job within the first six months.

Leadership is about empathy, support, and guidance. This needs to start from day one. In order to create a positive corporate culture and a strong team unit, leaders have to be proactive and present in the onboarding process.”

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