Creative Interview Questions for Better Hiring

Suffering from lack of team cohesion? Are your new people struggling to graft into your existing organization? This is a great article from on the importance of creative questions when interviewing prospective employees. Many job seekers have rehearsed the interview process, and the end result is polished, but lacking in authenticity. Get creative in order to break through that shiny outer shell and get to know the candidate in a real way. This results in better selections and greater “team cohesion”

Here is a great excerpt from the article, and see the link to read it in its entirety.

“Your team also has to be diverse enough to solve complex problems, but share the same set of values that create a strong culture. It’s not enough to recruit the smartest people, put them all in a collaborative space, and expect them to create magic: they have to be able to work together well and build on one another’s strengths.

A resume only says so much. It can’t tell you about the candidate’s creative abilities, attitude, thought processes, emotional intelligence, or growth mindset, so it’s a mistake to focus an entire interview around talking about a resume. You have to learn what makes your potential team member tick and assess whether they can hang with the rest of your crew.”

Read the entire article here.