How to Hire When Everyone Has a Job

Unemployment is around 4% in most states, and while this is a good problem to have, it has its drawbacks. When companies can’t hire good people, their growth becomes stagnant, and a company that can’t grow is a company that will eventually fail. So, the pressure to hire and hire well is on. Recruiters and hiring managers are living under a constant expectation that is becoming increasingly more difficult to meet.

If this is you, there are some tips and tricks that can get you closer to success. Understanding some of the underlying problems, unique in a job seeker’s market, is the first step. Once that’s done, finding a solution for those problems is next.

This article goes over some great insights.

“Unemployment is at an all-time low. The job market is now largely candidate-driven, and there are more jobs available than candidates to fill them. For hiring professionals, that means it’s getting harder and harder to find that perfect candidate to join the team.

To better understand the job market and the common issues affecting hiring professionals, WorkConnect by SAP conducted a survey of the biggest challenges hiring professionals are facing. The survey revealed that hiring professionals, besides identifying and attracting quality candidates, are having difficulty managing open positions, filling those positions in a timely manner, and collaborating with team members to make a hiring decision.

Attracting, hiring, and retaining talent requires a well-thought-out and strategic process. To overcome challenges, you need to make some changes in your hiring process to improve your results and land the candidates who will excel in your organization.”

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